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  • Company name: WOODFLAIR
  • Company description: Woodflair is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality wood sculptures, decorative objects, nativity scenes, folk figures from the three regions of Peru (Coast, Sierra and Jungle), animals, birds, fish, trees , marine, religious life, Valentine, cats, dogs, etc. handmade, of Peruvian noble woods.
  • Location: Peru
  • Company Legal Address: JR. EL BUCARE 225 URB. CAMACHO LA MOLINA - LIMA - LIMA
  • Zip / postal Code: 15023
  • Tax Id Number : RUC 15184987586
  • Type Of The Company: Manufacturer
  • Member Of: Si
  • Year Company Registered: 1987
  • Total No. Of Employees:20
  • Website: http://www.woodflair.com.pe
  • Markets: