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  • Company name: ООО "ТЕРМИШ"
  • Company description: Termish International is a developer and manufacturer of professional materials for airbrushing and manicures. The company is represented in 25 Russian cities. 9 partner countries trust us with their reputation. TERMISH has been certified iSO 9001 No KK. RU.0001.CMK0806, which confirms the company's high business reputation in the international and domestic Russian market. TERMISH products are produced under the strict supervision of Russian specialists of TERMISH LLC and undergo pre-sale training in the technical control department. In 2019, the company has launched a new line of products to the market of the nye industry: gel-lacquer, polygeland and other related products necessary for the work of manicure masters. Choose the best-choose Termish! www.termish.ru
  • Location: Russia
  • Company Legal Address: г. Ярославль, ул. Лисицына, д. 2, помещение 2
  • Zip / postal Code: 150049
  • Tax Id Number : ИНН 7604351607
  • Type Of The Company: Manufacturer
  • Member Of:
  • Year Company Registered: 2018
  • Total No. Of Employees:50
  • Website: https://www.termish.ru/
  • Markets: