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0.00 USD / Kg
  • Place Of Origin: Peru
  • MOQ : 1000 PCS
  • Delivery Time (Days ): 15
  • Type:
  • Supply Ability : 10000 PCS / Year
  • Ports: CALLAO, ,
Company Details


  • Country: Peru
  • Delivery Terms : FOB ,DDP
  • Payment Terms : TT ,LC ,Other
  • Sale Manager Name : Jose Miguel Piscoya
  • Office number: 2055000
  • Mobile number: 982508256
  • Languages : English, Español

Price: Price upon request
  • Company name: XIMESA SAC
  • Company description: XIMESA SAC, has been producing, marketing and distributing the widest line of plastic products for home, industry and commerce under the name Reyplast, our trademark, synonymous with quality Peruvian product for more than 30 years. Today we aim to conquer new markets for which we have already opened our plant in Chile and will continue to grow. Our philosophy as a company has not changed in all the time we have in the market, on the contrary, we have been firm in achieving the objectives that we set ourselves from the beginning without losing our essence.
  • Location: Peru
  • Company Legal Address: Av. Nicolas Ayllon 2480 - ATE
  • Zip / postal Code: +51
  • Tax Id Number : RUC 20125508716
  • Type Of The Company: Manufacturer
  • Member Of:
  • Year Company Registered: 1991
  • Total No. Of Employees:466
  • Website:

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